Free free to contact any of us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also reach us by phone at 818-358-2740 during our regular business hours.

Dana Lieberman, President – Email me!

As the President and Owner, Dana does just about anything and everything, from building Carbents and working on bikes to managing the sales floor and consulting with customers.  He’s an avid ultra-cyclist who holds a record in the Furnace Creek 508, has completed many brevets and is a veteran of Race Across America and Race Across Oregon.

Kate Parankema, Sales – Email Me!

Kate loafing around with home-made sourdough!

Kate is our joyous sales associate!  She is an avid bicycle commuter and cycling advocate in Los Angeles.  She also just loves the simple joy of turning someone on to the bike of their dreams! Her laughter and spirit are contagious!

Fernando Mandujano, Mechanic

Fernando has been in the bicycle industry for over three decades! He’s a fantastic mechanic and knows the in’s and out’s of recumbents of all kinds.