Adjusting the throw on your bar end shifter

Adjusting the throw on your bar end shifter

Bar end shifters are great on a recumbent! The feel is intuitive and the better-quality ones shift perfectly! We are frequently building up bikes and trikes with the SRAM Aero500 shifters in 10- and 11-speed. But sometimes, the angle and throw of the lever for the front derailleur isn't quite right, making it difficult for the rider to shift the front derailleur.

Changing the position of the lever is relatively easy with a 4mm allen wrench and small flat head screwdriver. Here is a quick video showing you how it is done, followed by step-by-step instructions.

  1. Remove the 4mm bolt holding the silver cap on (the cap may be red if you have an older model).
  2. Use your screwdrive to remove the ring around the brass fitting. Flip the ring over and put it back in. Your lever should now drop down lower.
  3. Replace the silver cap and bolt, using the bolt to set the tension on the shifter for easier or harder shifting. Don't leave it too loose as it will auto-shift on rough roads.
  4. Go ride!





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A nice simple video to show how to adjust the throw on SRAM bar end shifter. Is there anyway to adjust the tension on that lever? The one on my bike is so ‘easy’ to shift that even when I hit a small bump in the road, it will downshift by itself!

Bob Dodds

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