Catrike Dumont eCat

Catrike Fire - ICE Sale now Through the End of the Year

Heat things up this winter with a cool new Catrike, eCAT or electric-assist eKIT. Introducing the  FIRE-ICE Collection with four stunning limited-edition colors: Fire Red, Hyper Yellow, Arctic Blue and Alpine White! These beautiful colors are available on every model with great promotional pricing – $300 off MSRP on standard Catrikes and $400 off MSRP on eCATs. In addition, Catrike eKITs are $200 off MSRP, making this an excellent opportunity to have your dealer update your standard trike  to a Bosch-powered eCAT. Promotion ends December 31, 2023. Find a dealer near you.

Expedition in Arctic Blue
Catrike Max eCat in Hyper Yellow
Catrike Expedition in Alpine White
Catrike Dumont e-Cat in Fire Red

Catrike features a model for every rider. The Pocket is a sporty trike for smaller riders, the smaller version of the sporty  Expedition. The  Villager and Max are perfect recreation bikes. The 5.5.9 and Dumont make long-distance cycling a dream. And the 700 is the go-to trike for all-out speed! All trikes are $300 off!

Are you looking for electric assist to make the miles and little shorter and the hills a little less steep? All e-Cats are $400 off!

So whatever your riding style, come in now and get your Catrike!

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