Orcas Island Harbor

Second Day in the San Juan Islands

Our first day of cycling followed the classic route north of Friday Harbor and over to the English Camp for a total of 25ish miles. We started the day by getting everyone set up on their trikes - Paul, Pat and I did our best to make people comfortable and show them how everything worked. We then set off as a couple large groups to explore!

The first stop was Westport Bay Shellfish Company for oysters. This was the first time I ever had oysters and it is probably the last. But at least I can say I tried one! The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed sitting outside to enjoy the view and weather.

They didn’t have trike parking, so we created our own trike parking lot!

The next stage was to trike our way over to the British Camp. There is quite a bit of relatively unknown history there about water boundaries and a pig. Check it out at the National Park Services website. There really isn’t that much to see, but we enjoyed the opportunity to get off the trikes and stroll around. It was then a straight shot back to Friday Harbor.

The day ended with a wonderful community dinner at Brickworks. Many of you have seen Tray B on the Laid Back Bike Report - he is also an amazing chef!

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