Sylvia Halpern and Myrtle the Turtle!

Sylvia Halpern and Myrtle the Turtle!

Sylvia and her trike, Myrtle, over the last 15 years have become synonymous with worldwide trike touring. Sylvia's adventures have taken her all over the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia and are well-documented on herTravels by Trike blog and Youtube channel. Her adventures span the world but relate to everyday riders who yearn to see the world at a slower, more realistic pace.

Sylvia visits our shop whenever she is in Southern California, and I recently spent some time riding with her in the San Juan Islands. Bent Up Cycles recently advocated on her behalf to get a new trike from HP Velotechnik (her lead sponsor).

After many conversations, we decided to take the leap and become Sylvia's key shop sponsor! We are delighted and excited to be supporting such a wonderful adventure! If you want to see how her trike is spec'd, we've created a special Myrtle the Turtle Edition on our website!

Sylvia recently embarked on a 9000 mile tour circumnavigating the United States over the next 10 months riding her faithful Myrtle the Turtle. For more information, check out her blog and Youtube channel. We will certainly be following along!

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Really a class act!!!

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