Well its been close to a year since I’ve done a crit, but its time to see if I still have enough to survive one.


Its faster than Camarillo. At 10 times 3.1 miles its longer too. Camarillo is just 40 times 0.5 miles. There are more riders, usually over 100. Its narrower, and its got a little hill right before the finish line. Not exactly bent friendly, but hey, neither are crits!! Oh, did I mention the walkers, rollerbladers, baby strollers, beach bikes, and the occasional soccer or golf ball landing in the middle of the peloton? Motorists also frequently pull out in front of the pack, even when we are doing 35!

Here is the course:

I just realized the there is 120′ of elevation change every lap. No wonder we are in the mid 30s on the back side!

Time to get changed and ride.
Wish me luck!

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