I distinctly remember my first Catrike experience. In early 2004, a customer traded in an early model Catrike Speed trike when purchasing his new bike. At the time, trikes were not popular. This trade-in would give me the trike experience to see if they were worth putting on our sales floor. I recall climbing up La Tuna Canyon. But what stands out is the descent back down! The early Catrike Speed was a bit touchy – it really required a light touch to avoid shooting off to the other side of the road at high speed. But it was exhilarating! At that moment, I understood the trike potential and contacted Catrike to start selling their trikes.

Early models

Catrike’s first model in our shop was the Speed. It had a 20″ rear wheel, 16″ front wheels, and sat really low and laid back. For a newcomer, it felt like a go-cart with pedals (I’ve described it as such since then). It felt dangerous being so low, but it wasn’t too different from the Velokraft recumbents we were importing. For us, they were the start of our love affair with trikes.


Paulo Camasmie, owner, went through many changes in the early years. He started small and always seemed to have a hard time keeping up with production. He eventually stepped out of direct involvement with sales/manufacturing to focus his time on development. He brought in some wonderful staff to work with dealers, create new models, and build his brand. From 2004 thru 2007, Catrike released the Pocket, Trail, Expedition and 700. These models are still in production.

Since then, Catrike has also introduced new seat designs, a brilliant folding mechanism and full suspension. They pride themselves on their production techniques, borrowing from the automotive industry’s lean manufacturing processes. Every frame is still hand-built in their Orlando facility. We proudly support this innovative company in its quest to produce the best trikes in the world.