Double Sided Chain Keeper

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The T-Cycle Stainless Steel Double Chain Keeper holds your chain in place on an Over/Under idler in an economical, durable and beautiful manner befitting the T-Cycle brand. This chain keeper isn't just a piece of bent metal, like you'll find elsewhere. The tough, abrasion resistant, quiet-if-rubbed nylon keeper arm is fully supported over its entire length by a 5mm stainless bolt, making it the toughest chain keeper in the business and the easiest to fix if it's ever damaged. With T-Cycle-brand overkill, this chain keeper is made to resist the most unpleasant of whacks. And when you're on tour far from home you'll appreciate being able to quickly straighten things out and get back on the road.

This chainkeeper is for use with a 68mm idler and 8mm bolt (not included)