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Terracycle Fully Configurable Battery Mount for Bacchetta

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Electric drives on bikes and trikes are great for transportation and for enabling anyone to get out and ride, but until now, most people have had to hodgepodge together a way to carry the battery. Batteries are big, dense and valuable, and you don't want to just stick them anywhere. A rear rack sometimes works, but then the wires have to be extended, the weight is up high, and you can't use the rack for anything else. Introducing T-Cycle's new and improved Battery Mount! An even better way to attach your valuable, heavy battery: centered, low down, and out of the way. You'll hardly know it's there! Height and angle can be adjusted to fit just about any bike or trike on the market. CNC machined mounting clamps precision made for all the most common frame sizes. This battery mount is the super sturdy, elegant battery solution that the recumbent world has been waiting for. Works on left, right, and even both sides if you want to run two batteries. Right side configurations usually require the optional extender to clear the chain.


1. What does this do?

This mount allows you to mount a battery under the seat and close to the centerline of your bike or trike. This is usually the very best place to mount a battery, because it's low and centered for better stability. Mounting heavy things like batteries up high over the rear wheel often leads to handling issues. This mount was designed to solve that. We make different Battery Mounts specific to the ICE trikes. If you have an ICE rigid or rear suspended trike, we recommend the specific mounts because they are carefully designed to work with the fold (the battery winds up on top after the fold, where it doesn't interfere with anything). If you have an HPVT Scorpion trike, due to the complicated main tube, these mounts won't work- there's just no good place to attach. We are working on Scorpion battery mounts that attach where the HPVT racks do, but are reconfigurable for any Scorpion, on either the left or right side. Stay tuned.

2. Where does it go?

It depends on the bike or trike, but on the main tube, generally just behind and under the seat. Whether it goes on the left or right side depends on the bike or trike. Most folders need the battery on the right side so it winds up on the outside after the fold. An optional extender moves things out past the chain on the right or out past other obstacles on the left. All the parts can be flipped and reversed and reconfigured to get a wide range of mounting positions on either side of your bike or trike.

3. What kind of batteries can I put on it?

All sorts of them. The battery shelf is large and sturdy. We drill and tap it for some of the common batteries, like the BionX and NeoDrives that use standard bottle boss spacing. For other batteries, in shrink wrap or nylon housings, you can usually just strap them on or use zip ties. We make special, additional plates to mount unusual batteries like the BionX rear rack battery and the Falco flat batteries.

4. What size do I need?

We machine clamps to exactly match the size of your main frame tube, so the size needs to be exact. When you tell us the make and model of your trike, we can pick the right clamps for you.

5. Do I need the sideways extender?

The sideways extender moves the vertical plate and battery shelf out 2.5 inches (6.35cm). Smaller amounts of sideways positioning can be done with custom bushings. If you need to clear a chainstay or some other obstruction by positioning the battery further out sideways, you probably need the extender. If you have an unusual situation and might need custom bushings, let us know.