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Catrike Frame Bags

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These bags are specifically made for the Catrike trikes. They are made by Arkel in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada from 600 denier polyester fabric with foam and high density polyethelene stiffeners. They are sold as sets and fit snugly on each trike. No rack necessary! The designs are made to carry from the frame and require absolutely no other hardware.

Trail/Dash/Villager/Pocket compatibility:

Trail Dash Villager Pocket
2012-21 No No Yes
2011 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2010 Yes Yes Yes Yes


Catrike 700 bags are made specifically for Catrike 700's that are 2013 or newer. Call us if you are unsure.

Catrike Expedition/Road/Speed compatibility:

Expedition Road Speed
2013 Yes No
2012 Yes No
2011 Yes Yes Yes
2010 Yes Yes Yes