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Baccchetta Pronto Bella Custom Recumbent

Regular price $5,199.00
Regular price $6,199.00 USD Sale price $5,199.00

Through May 15, get $1000 off and a free custom color upgrade and a Velocity A23 wheelset (total $399 value) when making a deposit for a Pront Bella. Frames will be available in the Fall with the possibility of having two small/medium frames sooner. Updates to delivery timeframes will be posted here.

You can place a deposit here to get this incredible deal. We will then reach out to you to discuss all the spec's of your custom bike.

Bella means beautiful in Italian and what’s not to love? This Bacchetta long wheelbase classic is easy to ride with plenty of gearing for any terrain.

You've come to expect bespoke attention from Bacchetta, and the Pronto Bella delivers with choices of top-notch components from Velocity USA, Rohloff, SRAM, and TRP. Choose your seat - for those that want comfort in the most upright position, choose the classic Recurve seat. If you want to recline a little more and save 1.5 pounds at the same time, the B3 seat will work perfectly for you. 

The Pronto line of recumbents from Bacchetta adds the silent and buttery-smooth Bafang M510 mid-drive electric assist system to give you a little (or alot!) more "umph" to get up to speed or climb those steeper climbs. 250w and 95Nm of torque provide more than enough power for all of your riding needs. The 14Ah battery will keep you going on rides up to 75 miles (depending on terrain, power usage and total weight). This "no throttle" system senses the torque you apply while pedaling to ensure a smooth, natural-feeling ride. And with all the cables routed internally, you maintain the sleek look of your favorite bike!

Bacchetta bikes can be loaded up with a variety of accessories to meet your riding needs. Carry up to four panniers with the Universal Rear Rack and/or the Terracycle EasyReacher under seat rack. Kickstands, fenders and mirrors are readily available. And for shorter day rides, Bacchetta offers a variety of bags.

We charge a flat rate of $379 for shipping via freight in the Continental US. Shipping to Canada is a flat $629, but does not include and duty and fees you may be charged.

The bike comes 99% fully assembled - just install the front wheel and adjust the seat/handlebars to your liking. If you order additional parts with the bike, our website may charge you additional shipping. When we receive the order, we will refund that amount.

A final note about ordering bikes on our website: We will always call you after you place your order to discuss your build, make sure all of the options are correct and ensure that it is the right bike for you. If we need to make changes, additions or cancellations, we will happily do that - we want to make sure you are happy with your new bike. We will NEVER just ship out a bike without a conversation.