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Bacchetta Pronto Custom Recumbent

Regular price $4,999.00
Sale price $4,999.00

Come see this amazing bike at Cycle-Con in Xenia, OH, September 15-17th! Until the 17th, we are offering a promotion of $400 off and the following upgrades:

  • Carbon Fiber Fork upgrade
  • Velocity wheels upgrade
  • Custom paint upgrade

No need to select these options. If you order before September 17, they will automatically be added to your bike. If you would like to just make a deposit on bike, and still get all of the upgrades, please click here. The remainder of the payment will be due two weeks prior to your bike shipping.

The Bacchetta Pronto is the newest bike in our line of electric assist recumbents! Based on the popular Giro A20, the Pronto gets you there with speed and comfort. And like all Bacchetta recumbents, you can customize the bike to meet your specific riding style.

The classic Bacchetta Giro A20 is built for someone who wants a classic touring/recreational recumbent bike with lower pedals for ease-of-use. Whether planning a tour across the country or enjoying a day ride with friends, the Bacchetta Giro A20 will ensure that you get there fast and in comfort. The Pronto adds the silent and buttery-smooth Bafang M510 mid-drive electric assist system to give you a little more "umph" to get up to speed or climb those steeper climbs. 250w and 95Nm of torque provide more than enough power for all of your riding needs. The 14Ah battery will keep you going on rides up to 75 miles (depending on terrain, power usage and total weight). This "no throttle" system senses the torque you apply while pedaling to ensure a smooth, natural-feeling ride. And with all the cables routed internally, you maintain the sleek look of your favorite bike!

The Pronto features top-notch components options including Velocity USA’s A23 handbuilt wheels, a SRAM 11 speed drivetrain with smooth-as-silk grip shifters or the bomb-proof, world-reknown Rohloff Speedhub, and TRP Spyke brakes for exceptional stopping power. Choose your seat - for those that want comfort in the most upright position, choose the classic Recurve seat. If you want to recline a little more and save 1.5 pounds at the same time, the B3 seat will work perfectly for you. If you want even more recline, choose the Euromesh seat with your choice of seat pad and save an additional one pound.

Our new custom paint program allows you to choose from one of our five standard colors or upgrade to a color of your choice (Dirty Magic, a vibrant purple with blue metallic flecks throughout, shown in the pictures). Depending the options and color you choose, it can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to build your bike, with our first bikes being ready to ship the second week of November.

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