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HP Velotechnik

Ergomesh Premium Seat

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The ErgoMesh Premium seat was developed from scratch and defines the category of the recumbent net seat in a way never seen before. A perfect upgrade to your standard ErgoMesh or BodlyLink seat, the backrest and the lower seat surface can be adjusted independently of each other – the first time ever in a recumbent net seat. In addition, the ErgoMesh Premium sets completely new ergonomic standards with a 3D-shaped seat frame, a highly breathable multi-layer support fabric and our patented OrthoFlex technology.

Eight tension straps in combination with four OrthoFlex® pads that can be individually positioned make ErgoMesh Premium your personal invitation to take a perfect seat. The ErgoMesh Premium is also available as a 5 cm (2″) wider XL version and each with 11 cm (4.3″) more seat height than the HS version. And with 14 degrees of angle adjustment, you get a much wider range than the standard seat.

Please note that we do not always have these in stock and it may take 2-4 weeks to arrive from Germany.