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Bent Up Cycles

ICE Configured Battery Mount - Rigid Rear

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This T-Cycle made Battery Mount for ICE Trikes comes with a shelf drilled to allow the mounting of many different batteries. When mounting with a STEPS or Bafang system, please also order the STEPS Monorail shown below.

Batteries are dense and difficult to carry. This mount lets you attach your BionX, Neodrives, or other battery to your ICE trike down low and out of the way. In fact, it lets you put the battery so out of the way that you can fold the trike with the battery attached!

Down low is important for handling and stability—you don't want something as heavy as a battery on top of a rear rack. And out the way means you still get full use of your rear rack if you have one.

If you have been struggling with how to carry your battery, this elegant, simple solution is what you've been looking for!