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HP Velotechnik

Side Bag Mount

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From a functional point of view, the Side Bag Mount does what two-wheeled cyclists normally do with their handlebars in terms of luggage. But it’s better in three ways: twice as much, the lateral placement is much more practical and above all the “coffee to ride” does not influence the steering of the vehicle. Whether in the city or on a journey: A cyclist has never had a handle on small things so loosely and casually.

The Side Bag Mount is made of black anodized aluminum tube, weighs around 290 grams and can withstand a load of up to five kilograms on each side. It is available as an option in the HP Velotechnik modular system for both trike series, Scorpion and Gekko. It differs only in the way it is attached: either directly to one of the seat tubes or to the frame.