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Universal Trike Carrier

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The Universal Trike Carrier (or UTC) consists of three durable foam mounts and two adjustable straps in a convenient carrying bag. It allows any trike owner (TerraTrike or otherwise) to carry their trike on the roof of any four-door vehicle safely and easily. UTC users simply place the foam mounts onto the bottom of their trikes wheels, load the trike onto the roof of their vehicle, and strap the trike down using the straps that run through the back and front doors of the car. The trike can also be strapped down to a roof rack instead of through the doors. The form-fitting, high-density foam will leave no scratches on the vehicle (if clean) and pads on the straps cushion the trike frame from wear marks.

  • Rooftop carrier for a single trike
  • Compact and light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive alternative to hitch racks